One-Visit Makeover

So I’m sitting in the big, comfy chair, listening to my orthodontist tell me yet again that I have an overbite. With his gloved hands in my mouth, I can’t even answer back.

“I don’t get it,” I tell him after. “I had an expander for 2 years when I was younger, and that was supposed to work! What do you mean they shifted back?”

He gives me my options. I can either do nothing, or I can get another expander for six months, and put on braces for about a year. Great. I’m turning 18, and he wants me to wear braces. “Forget it,” I say, and walk out of the office.

For months after the appointment, I dwell on the idea of having that big, nice smile my narrow jaw was preventing. But I really didn’t want to walk around with braces for a year. I examined all my pictures, and wished I could’ve fixed the problem years ago.

Then I saw Dr. Doueck’s article. “Cosmetic Dentistry can give you the smile you’ve always dreamed of!” The article explained that cosmetic dentistry could fix crooked, or spaced teeth, as well as overbites. That’s me! I thought. I scheduled a consultation.

One week before I was to leave for winter vacation, I walked into Dr. Doueck’s office. He looked at my teeth, and agreed that I had an overbite. But braces and an expander were not necessary. He told me that all he needed to do was add some bonding to six of my teeth, and I’d have that smile I’d wanted. I didn’t believe him. There had to be a catch.

“ So how painful, exactly, is this procedure?” Not painful at all, I won’t feel a thing, he tells me. Okay, fine.

“ How long will this take?” About two hours. I’m impressed.

“ How long will it last?” At least ten, fifteen years. Not bad! I only have one more question.

“ When’s the next available appointment?”
By some miracle, I’m able to schedule a two hour appointment for the day before I leave for vacation. His secretaries were so accommodating, they even shifted appointments to fit me into the doctor’s busy schedule.

A few days later I was sitting in the big, comfy chair again. Sounds familiar…only this time I didn’t have to hear about how narrow my bite was, or about how I really should consider braces. This time I was actually doing something about my overbite!

The procedure really was painless. Okay, I admit, the saliva-sucking contraption gets annoying after awhile, but I survived. Two hours later, as promised, I was given a mirror, and… wow! I was shocked, excited, ecstatic, you name it. I couldn’t believe it; it was so natural, even I couldn’t tell they were fake! The color, the texture, looked just like my real teeth!

I thanked Doctor Doueck a hundred times… I couldn’t stop smiling! Walking out of the office, I realized it was too easy. How was it that two hours in a chair brought the same results that a year and a half would’ve?

He really gave me that smile I’ve always wanted. I didn’t think it was possible, until now. Believe it or not, Doctor Doueck performed a miracle; he not only gave me a perfect smile, but he also satisfied an 18 year old girl- now that takes skill!