Smile Vision

Test Drive Your New Smile

Many people are self-conscious about their teeth and their smile, but are hesitant to agree to cosmetic dentistry because they’re unsure of the results. A new computer system takes away that uncertainty.

For years we spent hours explaining what the options were and how a patient’s teeth could look, but it was hard for them to visualize. Now, we can show them definitively what the results will be.

Smilevision uses a digital video camera to capture an image of the patient’s teeth. That image is then sent by modem to Boston.

There a team of experts alter the image and reconstruct the teeth via computer, taking into account the patient’s concerns, yellowing, uneven teeth, for example, or teeth that are too far apart or too small.

In a few days, the patient receives before and after photographs that he can take home showing what his or her teeth could look like after cosmetic procedures.

The patients are able to really know how they’ll look, and they get excited.The other benefit of the procedure is that since the patient receives the results, he or she examines the image at his or her leisure at home and doesn’t feel pressured to agree to anything on the spot.

” It’s really a terrific thing for the patients.”

This is technology to allow cosmetic dentists and their patients to see into the future.

Called Smile-Vision™, the new technology takes digital photographs of patients’ smiles and manipulates the teeth on the computer screen, using principles of dentistry to show patients what their teeth would look like with a variety of dental cosmetics such as crowns, veneers, bonding and whitening.

Smile-Vision is a communication tool between the cosmetic dentist and the patient. Not only can the dentist better understand what his patients want, but his patients can better understand what they can and cannot have. Sometimes patients will want a certain type of work done that is not feasible because of their bite or other dental factors, and Smile-Vision show them what the consequences of a particular type of cosmetic dentistry will be, good or bad.

” What I like about Smile-Vision is it allows me to get a better understanding of what is possible.” said one patient.