Patient Testimonials

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Moreen Daus, Brooklyn NY

From the time I made the appointment and throughout my procedure I knew I was in great hands. Dr. Doueck was gentle and professional, and he also made sure I understand the procedure in every step of the way.


Victor Cohen, Brooklyn NY

After my root canal I went to Dr Doueck to get fitted for a crown. They first take a picture of the existing tooth, put that info into to a computer then generate a exact copy of my tooth. Amazing! That’s Dr Doueck, always the first with new technology!


Linda Joy Grazi, Brooklyn NY

Your commitment to caring for your patients is evident in the always helpful attitude and cheerfulness of everyone in the office. I was impressed by all the technology that you’ve invested to provide state of the art dentistry.


Victor E. Didia, Esq., New York NY

Hi Tech! That’s not a salutation, but a description of the dental office of Dr. Jacques Doueck. Recently I needed a crown for a molar. I visited Dr. Doueck one morning and in about 90 minutes I had a perfectly sculpted porcelain crown in place.

This procedure was completed in one sitting. The crown was designed digitally, its size, shape and contour calculated by computer. A cube of porcelain was inserted into a machine which in 12 minutes chiseled the cube before my eyes into the finished crown, as I watched in child-like amazement at the technology in action.

What can I say – time is a commodity in critically short supply. The procedure was completed comfortably in one visit. Ah, the wonders of technology.


Sherri Gindi, Brooklyn NY

My name is Fayge Abadi. I travel from Lawrence, Long Island to Dr Doueck because of his expertise as one of the best dentists around today. He is always updated in the latest technology to accommodate his patients. I recently experienced this new CEREC technique where I actually came out of the office in one visit with a new crown!! I couldn’t believe there was no temporary, no second visit and the procedure was quick and comfortable with no pain or discomfort.. What an amazing concept!! Dr Doueck is always so gentle and patient and his staff is always so friendly and helpful . With this combination, it is no wonder that I have been using him for over twenty years!!!

After having root canal it was a relief to be able to only have one visit to Dr. Doueck for the Cerec crown. I dont know what the alternative would have been, but this was so quick and easy I could not imagine doing anything else. I always feel at home when I’m in Dr.Douecks office. His staff is so friendly warm and comforting. Dr. Doueck never disappoints me. Just about every visit to his office I get to experience the latest advancements in the dental world. I have total trust in Dr. Doueck.


Sara Ovits, Brooklyn NY

Who would have thought I would write a fan letter to my dentist ?!

Since Dr. Jacques Doueck has taken care of my dental needs, starting 3 years ago, I am so very grateful that I found this fabulous dentist. Any negative experiences with a dentist do NOT apply to Dr. Doueck and his office. Seeing Dr. Doueck is a positive experience — if his skill and his individualized care – giving could be bottled, I would call that product the gold standard ‘Dental Experience’.

He is skilled professionally and up to date with dental science. He is considerate about my needs and my time and offers me options. He and his staff are always welcoming and I know I am in good hands.

Thanks to Dr. Doueck’s great veneer work, I smiled the widest and whitest smile at my son’s wedding just over a year ago. Thank you, Dr. Doueck.

Special thanks to Lana, who took extra care that my gums and teeth were clean and healthy.

Last month Dr. Doueck put a crown on my tooth — I was thrilled that the entire process of preparing the broken tooth, creating a model, and completing the crown in my mouth was done on the spot in one visit! When balancing the impact of staying in the dental chair for a bit longer against leaving with temporary cover and coming back for several visits, I choose the one visit that Dr. Doueck competently provides. It’s a big benefit of his modern technique. I am a big fan of one visit and I am a big fan of Dr. Doueck.


Lenore Greenberg, Brooklyn NY

The most amazing thing happened to me not too long ago! I was at Dr. Doueck’s office when I learned that I needed a crown on one of my teeth. I dreaded the thought of going through several visits that are ordinarily involved in making a crown. With my hectic schedule, I simply don’t have the time for all these appointments. This is when Dr. Doueck told me that he had a solution for me that was just what I was looking for. He had a new, super cool, precise, high tech machine that was like no other I had ever even heard about. With the CEREC one visit crown I would be able to get the same high quality, great fitting and natural looking crown all in the same visit. I was all for it. In no time I was measured electronically and saw a 3D image of my crown appear on a screen in front of me. Dr. Doueck selected the right color and shade and with a few clicks on the computer, my new crown was forming right there in the office. I was able to watch as a piece of porcelain was shaped and sculpted to perfection. It fit perfectly into place and looked and felt great. As always, the entire staff at Dr. Doueck’s office made me feel relaxed and comfortable the whole time. The one visit convenience was just right for a busy person such as myself.


Lisa Cohen, Brooklyn NY

I recently went to Dr Doueck for a crown. To my surprise he did it in one visit. At first I was expecting to come in so they can take an impression to send out. Instead they made the crown on the spot in the SAME VISIT. Besides for the professional and delicate manner in which Dr. Doueck handled this, the convenience is invaluable. It makes going to the dentist a much more pleasurable experience!


Steven Goldman, Brooklyn NY

The process was flawless. Dr Doueck and his staff were attentive as always throughout the procedure. Mission accomplished in one quick visit!


Miriam Rivera, Brooklyn NY

I found Dr. Doueck through 1-800-DENTIST and Dr. Doueck and his staff have been a God send. They have worked around my schedule. I needed a crown and I didn’t have to wait weeks for a lab to make it. He placed a medicated filling on my molar to make sure I wouldn’t I be in pain. The following week I came in for my crown and I watched them make it in one visit. This has been the best experience I have ever had with a dentist and I’ve been to many.

Thank you Dr. Doueck.