Patient Testimonials

We take pride in caring for our patients. See what they are saying!

Hanna Dervisevic, Brooklyn NY

The most state of the art office in Brooklyn. The day Dr.Doueck told me about the new CEREC machine and the fact that I can have a crown placed in an hour, this literally blew my mind. I could not believe that there was no temporary crown , no pain or discomfort and no coming back for a second visit. I watched in awe while my crown was being chiseled in the CEREC machine. The shape of the tooth was so precise. Dr. Doueck made me feel absolutely at ease.


E. Leventer, Deal NJ

I was pleasantly surprised by the speed and accuracy of the fitting of my crown. I used to make at least two or three visits to your office, however with the new Cerec machine the crown came out perfect, in one visit.

I am a resident of New Jersey, approximately sixty (60) miles from your office, and I refuse to go to any other dentist, even though they are close by, and are highly recommended.

The last time I went to a local dentist, I was told a tooth had to be pulled. I decided to go to you Dr. Doueck to see if you could save the tooth. It was no trouble for your expertise, and you saved my tooth. I was very happy, and will continue to travel just to get your professional care and advise.


Liza Shamah, Brooklyn NY

I did 10 laminates and I love them. I had done them previously with someone else and they never looked right. Now they look Natural. With good color and not bulky at all. People say I have perfect teeth without thinking I did any work. It was worth everything to get these teeth.


Maggie Khaski, Brooklyn NY

I used to be very self conscious about my smile. That changed after I visited Dr. Doueck. He transformed my teeth into the pearly whites I always dreamed of. He gave me a great sense of self esteem and confidence. I am no longer afraid to smile. In fact, it’s very hard to find me not smiling and I owe it all to Dr. Doueck. Thank you for everything.


Isaac Maleh, Brooklyn NY

Ever since I switched over to Dr. Doueck, my dental experience has never been the same. I have never seen a more professional staff and more state-of-the-art equipment. What impressed me the most is their commitment to hygiene. I always have peace of mind that I am being treated with only safe and clean equipment. The other aspect I love is their promtness with appointments. If my appointment is at 10:00 a.m. I will be sitting in the chair at 10:05. And I always receive a courtesy call (or two) prior to my visit.

Dr. Doueck’s office is also very KIDS friendly, offering a variety of toys to kids of all ages. MY children love coming with me to the dentist. I have recommended Dr. Doueck quite a few times with great results.

Keep up the good work!


Shirley Mamiye, Brooklyn NY

I love coming to Dr. Doueck, there are lots of reasons why, not only the awesome prizes and the flavors of toothpaste but how most of the little kids aren’t scared after they walk out. Even I was always a little scared but I seriously love coming because I know Dr. Doueck is the nicest dentist around, I hope he knows how much we all appreciate him when he encourages the kids to brush and floss. He shows us kindness and I would like him to know I said thanks for everything, my clean teeth and for the great compliments.


Anthony Giannotta, Brooklyn NY

I’ve been a patient of Dr. Doueck’s for almost 20 years, like most people I have a fear of dentistry in general, the drilling, the pulling, the scraping, even the smells of a dental office, Yuck! And my least favorite of all the sound of a dentist’s drill! Is there a worse sound in the whole world?However, Dr. Doueck and his great staff, although never itinerating those fears, have overcome them. They have cornered the market of courtesy and understanding and professionalism . Dr. Doueck (and his Staff) is a good dentist but a better friend.


Rickey Semah, Brooklyn NY

Being a patient of Dr. Doueck for 20 years I can safely say he is a perfectionist in every way. He is not satisfied with the work unless it is perfect and importantly, you feel its perfect. He is very accommodating and cares about the comfort of the patient. Dr. Doueck and his staff are not only professionals, they’re very warm and friendly people as well.


Alex Beyda, Brooklyn NY

I dread going to doctors & dentists, but Dr. Doueck is fast & painless. I am amazed at all the high tech, top of the line, cutting edge technology. Dr. Doueck always maintains the most up to date equipment. The whole staff is kind, professional & pleasant. Everyone in the office does their best to make it a positive experience.


Esther Jemal, Brooklyn NY

I find Dr Doueck very efficient and very professional and pleasant. His staff is A one. I never get frazzled from any of the work being done.