Patient Testimonials

We take pride in caring for our patients. See what they are saying!

Rose Rubin, Brooklyn NY

I have met nice and pleasant people but Dr. Doueck is one special person and just as important a very good dentist.


Gail Levy, Brooklyn NY

I walk into Dr. Doueck’s office and he makes you feel very comfortable and I have a lot of confidence in him Dr. Doueck is very good Doctor when Dr. Doueck was working on my bridge I had no fear. Thank God for him his work is excellent! He always says Barouch-Hachem and I feel safe. Thanks Dr. Doueck


Shelly Sabin, Brooklyn NY

Dear Dr. Doueck,

I have always been fearful of dentist but since coming to your office for the past several years, my fears have completely disappeared. Your warm gentile manner makes me feel confident and comfortable setting in your chair. The dental work you did on me is getting many compliments, everyone loves my smile (and teeth). Your Hygienists are are sweet and caring, to everyone in your office “keep up you grreat work.”


Yoni Levy, Brooklyn NY

I am a patient in Dr. Doueck’s office before I come there I went to a different dentist I can tell you very well that Dr. Doueck does a better job then other doctors, the results that come out are unbelievable. Its just really hard to believe that he can do such a job, besides the fact that their machines are so perfect and updated, so is their staff, Their staff are so caring and sensitive to their patients. There is really no thanks that can really express my gratitude towards this office.Sincerely, a thankful patient (anonymous) There are so many wonderful things to say about Dr. Doueck, I don’t even know where to begin I think the Middah that I most value about Dr. Doueck his compassion and sensitivity to his patients the times I’ve had to run to Dr. Doueck with a mouth emergency are countless, he has always made himself available to me I recall one recent time in particular where I called Dr. Doueck in the evening. The office was closed and he was gone for the day! I was in agony, he heard the pain in my voice and told me to meet him in the office in an hour, he just had to finish his learning, and than would take care of my problem at the office, true to his word he relieved me of my pain and took from his own time to help me. In addition my wife appreciates Dr. Doueck’s professionalism, one day after a routine check-up she came out to the car smiling from ear to ear she handed me a prescription and asked me to fill it for her, it read one large shopping shopping spree of her choice, needless to say I am ran into the office to ask him why he stuck me in this hole with his happy pleasant way he explained to me how much money I saved by my wife’s having such good teeth. I would come out ahead fiancially to send her out shopping and keep having her take care of her teeth, My wife enjoyed filling her prescription and needless to say insist that Dr. Doueck is the only dentist for us.


Mazal Bawabeh, Brooklyn NY

The truth is that he is a great doctor. His work cannot be compared to other doctors because he is friendly and helps patients and his hands are blesses from G-d just like his good heart. Sometimes I think not to come because of the prices, but he deserves it because his work is excellent and he is honest. I am very happy with Dr. Doueck and I wish everybody should come and be treated by him to see that what I am telling you is the truth.

P.S. Also Julie, Frieda, Greta, Sylvia, Helen, Sharon, Lana and Emma, I thank you so much for all their help and care you give me.


Esty Ades, Brooklyn NY

Dear Dr. Doueck and Staff

There are no words to express my thanks to you all for all that you have done for me. The warmth and kindness displayed by you has slowly taken away my fear of dentists. When I first came to you I wasn’t even able to sit still for a cleaning or x-ray. Now I find myself filling cavities and even making it through one of the most terrible experiences of my life. When on vacation I fell and broke two of my front teeth the first thing I did was call you. I was so confident that you were going to fix me right up that I toughed it out pain and all and wouldn’t go see an emergency dentist but flew back the next day. You saw my fear but were so gentle and did everything you could to make me comfortable. Well here I am mostly patched up and so grateful that you gave me my smile back.


Anna Tawil, Brooklyn NY

It’s always a delightful pleasure to call the office of Dr. Doueck since you know on the other end there will always be someone answering the phone with a beautiful smile and introduction. They are always willing to accommodate anyone no matter who you are and they are always most helpful in helping anyone out and that’s just the phone. When you come in for an appointment they are the best. I’ve rarely come into an office where everyone is so warm, nice, and friendly.

There are not enough words to let the readers know how very special Dr. Doueck is. He’s warm, sincere, sweet, kind, caring, and understanding to all his patients. May Hashem grant him and all his staff 126 years with much more success and good luck. And may he always guide him to do his best always.

I would like to conclude by saying that Dr. Doueck and all his staff go the extra mile and beyond to make one feel comfortable and relaxed while you get your teeth done.


Nathan Mann, Brooklyn NY

Since using Therasnore appliance, my wife has not said anything about my snoring. At first, the appliance was new and strange in my mouth; however, it did enable you to sleep 1 ½ hours longer. And, the other night slept throughout the night without getting up. This appliance works, and my wife is thrilled.


Ginette Falack, Brooklyn NY

Ever since I was a kid I loved coming in to see Dr. Doueck. Him and his staff are always friendly and professional. Thanks to Dr. Doueck, my teeth are sparkling and ii feel confident about my smile. Bezrat Hashem, I hope to bring in my kids one day to Dr. Doueck’s office to experience painless wonderful dentistry.


Jacob Deutsch, Brooklyn NY

The first day I stepped in Dr. Doueck’s office I realized going to the dentist may be a pleasant experience. Dr. Doueck and his wonderful staff of Julie, Greta, Sylvia, Lana, Frieda, and Emma have constantly made seeing a dentist a pleasant, professional, and educational experience. The kind and caring staff always put me at ease. I would like to thank each and everyone of them for making Dr. Doueck’s office a wonderful experience from the highest quality work to the kindest staff I have ever met. I am so impressed. I come back every three months for my checkup and cleaning, I believe Dr. Doueck is one of the finest and gentlest dentist. I have referred my own family to join as future patients. Thank you Dr. Doueck.