Patient Testimonials

We take pride in caring for our patients. See what they are saying!

Bill Glynn, Brooklyn NY

I’ve been a patient of Dr. Doueck’s for over twenty years and I can honestly say that he is the best dentist I’ve ever had. I am very fortunate to be in his care. In January 2003 on Kings Highway I tripped and fell on my mouth. I was able to make into Dr. Doueck’s office bleeding profusely. At first glance, Dr. Doueck did not recognize me. He saved my front teeth which were bent in backwards by cleaning me up and shipping me off by car service to a great oral surgeon who worked on me immediately. My teeth were saved due to the quick action of Dr. Doueck. One year later, with Dr. Doueck’s care and and the fine work of his colleagues I wouldn’t know that I had the accident. This only one example of Dr. Doueck’s expertise and compassion for his patients.


Prof. Ellen Basch, Brooklyn NY

No one likes going to the dentist… but we know it’s a must so we muster up the courage and begin to do research. After all we want the very best. If you happen to live in Brooklyn then you are truly lucky….Because G-d sent us Dr. Jacques Doueck to care for our dental needs. Dr. Doueck is a truly unique individual. He is brilliant, charming, kind and understands his patients fears and needs. He is always accommodating and helpful. His skillful hands are truly blessed by Hashem and that is how we his patients have beautiful smiles and healthy gums. Going to the dentist is not scary. Not when you’re a patient of Dr. Doueck and his wonderful staff. It’s more like an adventure to improve your looks and keep your teeth healthy.

I will always be grateful to Dr. Jacques Doueck for taking such good care of me and my family. Wishing him and his family continues good health Nachas and success.


Claire & Ralph Levy, Brooklyn NY

To our dear friend Dr. Doueck,

Knowing you all these years makes us grow to admire you more.


Rabbi Joseph Weber, Brooklyn NY

As you may well know by now, from children and grown-ups alike that nobody really likes dentists, since they tell you to open your mouth as much as possible, against your wishes. They penetrate there with various tools such as drills for root canal work, or pliers to extricate your teeth etc., without any mercy. But, there is a big difference between all other dentists and the DR. JACQUES DOUECK. D.D.S.

Dr. Doueck is a very pleasant man. He has always his warm winning smile on his face, and he tries very hard to please you, minimizing the pain inflicted with those drilling machines inserted in your mouth. His professionalism is legendary especially after he has finished his work. It’s very pleasant to listen to the music in his office and to hear the encouragement and good wishes from the friendly, warm, devoted professional staff members who work diligently in the doctor’s office. These staff members are performing miracles to accommodate the great number of patients who are getting the needed services at the office. Julie, who conducts the business office, wants you to pay with a smile, (however, she accepts only cash or checks as payment for services rendered).

“We the people are fortunate to have Dr. Doueck as our dentist.”
Wishing him and his, Health, Success, and a Long Life!