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A crown is often your best option to save a damaged tooth by covering and strengthening it. At Doueck Dental & Sleep Medicine, the dentists have more than 30 years of experience placing crowns. If you live in the Brooklyn area of New York City, make an appointment by calling the office or using the online booking agent.

Crown Q & A

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What are crowns made of?

Crowns are made of durable, natural-looking material, including porcelain or ceramic, and match the color of your tooth enamel. They’re strong and permanently fixed in your mouth, unlike dentures. You can also get crowns made of gold, metal alloys, and acrylic.The staff helps you determine the best type of crown according to your needs and where in your mouth it’s to be placed.

What are the reasons I might need a crown?

Crowns cover a damaged existing tooth or can be used on top of an implant to function just like a natural tooth.

A crown can fulfill several functions. It can:

  • Cover an implant
  • Attach a bridge
  • Protect a week tooth from cracking more
  • Cover a poorly-shaped tooth
  • Cover a tooth that’s undergone root canal treatment

Your dentist at Doueck Dental & Sleep Medicine may also recommend a crown to replace a large filling when the remaining tooth is insufficient.

How do I care for a crown?

Crowns are durable and can last for your entire life. However, you do need to brush regularly, floss, and keep up with professional cleanings to keep decay at bay. It’s rare, but crowns can become loose, especially if you have an accident or bite something extremely hard. Seek help from Doueck Dental & Sleep Medicine if you need a crown repaired or replaced.

What is the appointment for getting a crown like?

You’ll come into the office for your initial appointment to have your tooth prepared for the crown. You’ll be offered anesthesia so the dentist can file down the chewing surface and sides to make room for the cap. In cases where your tooth is damaged or has missing parts, you may need it built it up using natural materials.

At this appointment, you’ll have an impression of the tooth made that is then sent to a laboratory for manufacturing. In the meantime, you receive a temporary crown.

When the crown is ready, the area is numbed, the temporary crown is removed, and the new one is cemented into place. Your dentist carefully adjusts the fit and bite to make sure the crown feels natural and looks just right.