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Doueck Dental Cosmetic Dentistry


Doueck Dental has been a trusted name in the dental industry for over forty years. We understand the value of a beautiful smile and take pride in creating personalized cosmetic dentistry plans for our patients. With a focus on aesthetics and functionality, our experienced team will help you regain your confidence and show off your best smile!

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Step 1. The Worn Bite: Rebuilding a Smile

In order to rebuild the bite, the back teeth are built up with porcelain onlays. The magic is that once the back bite is rebuilt… the front teeth can be covered with natural looking porcelain. This high-tech method builds a hand-made custom porcelain layer right over your worn teeth. The impact can change your life. Once the bite has proper support... and we restore your smile with porcelain laminate veneers. The result is … improved confidence and self esteem. With more comfortable chewing and speaking, and pearly-whites that show. You’ll be proud to smile again.

Step 2. Discolored Crooked Teeth

Even healthy teeth may look far from perfect: Coffee, tea, wine, and other popular foods stain teeth over time. Smoking and Vaping will discolor teeth as well. Even if you’re careful to avoid foods and drinks that cause staining... just eating sugary foods and getting lazy with your brushing and flossing is enough to seriously ruin the appearance of your smile. As a dentist my greatest satisfaction is restoring people’s self-confidence. We do this by Helping people become completely satisfied with their smile. Cosmetic bonding or Porcelain Laminate Veneers are the two most common ways that you can make a major upgrade to your smile.

Step 3. Smile Test Drive

A Smile Test drive will allow you to preview your smile, and get your questions answered. You can then move forward with total confidence in the process, and it’s a great way to “Try it before you buy it.”

While cosmetic imaging can be powerful – A Smile Test Drive is not just about a picture of what you could look like! This is done directly in your mouth using a special technique that does not do anything permanent to your teeth. Transforming your smile is something you will want to do once and do it right. If you are ready for your own transformation, the Smile Test Drive process will help you see what is possible, get your questions answered, and decide how many teeth you want to do.

Step 4. The Diagnostic Wax Up

The Diagnostic Wax Up - The BluePrint for Planning a Great Result. Once you are ready to move forward now is the most important step: Creating the “blueprint.” You would never build a house without a blueprint and as a dentist since 1977 I would never do a smile makeover without a diagnostic waxup... The blueprint for an excellent result.

Step 5. Protecting Your Investment

There are three ways that your teeth and your veneers can be damaged: from bacteria, night time clenching and grinding, and using your teeth as tools. Regular dental check ups. Avoid putting off needed dental care. Taking care of your cavities, crowns and gum work will avoid more extensive and expensive dental work. It’s also important to get answers to any of your questions regarding your teeth and gums.

Dr. Jacques Doueck

Dr. Jacques Doueck is the founder of Doueck Dental in Brooklyn. Having been a practicing dentist for over 40 years. A Brooklyn native, Dr. Doueck received his undergrad at Brooklyn College, later attending the University of Buffalo’s School of Dental Medicine. Now, his office on 563 Kings Highway has the status of an institution. It’s where you go for state-of-the-Art Cosmetic Dentistry if you want to be relaxed about going to the dentist.

After graduation, Dr. Doueck’s first practice was in Deal, New Jersey, where he practiced until opening his Brooklyn office in 1981. His list of accreditations includes a postgraduate certificate from NYU in Prosthodontic and certification by the Academy of Laser Dentistry in Hard and Soft Tissue Laser treatment. He is a certified Solea™ Laser dentist which makes a dental visit comfortable without getting a shot.


What Our Patients Say

Carolyn S.

“He’s great!!! I love him! Always does a great job on my teeth and quick appointments, staff is wonderful especially Greta and Lana!”
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